Great locations. No service fees. Yeah, that’s the way we do ATMs.

Sure, you can probably tap, swipe and wave with the best of them. Who doesn’t love the convenience of e-payments when you’re ordering a cup of joe, filling up the tank or picking up some groceries on your way home from work? With new technology and payment options like Apple Pay, Venmo and PayPal, the simplicity of digital money is pretty seductive. Plenty of people are predicting it won’t be long before cash goes the way of landlines, paper maps and VHS.

Despite all the predictions, cash hasn’t gone away … yet. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco reports cash remains the most common form of payment. So, at CHROME, we’re all about providing you with choices. Choices that let you bank the way you want to bank — and pay the way you want to pay. It’s that simple.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Allpoint to provide easy access to more than 55,000 “anytime money machines” (okay, we know some people still call them ATMs) throughout Pennsylvania and across the US.

Get money when you need it, where you need it.

Who needs the hassle of driving miles and miles looking for an ATM? Whether you’re running errands in your neighborhood or driving across the country, you’ll find an Allpoint ATM near you — at convenient places you already visit. Need milk and cash? Pick up a gallon and a cool $50 at your local convenience store. Kids need new soccer shoes? Score a pair of spikes and some Benjamins at your favorite discount retailer. Traveling cross-country? Nab a hotel room and travel cash at a participating hotel. It’s easy to find a CHROME Allpoint ATM near you.

Never pay any ATM fees — not one cent.

The average out-of-network ATM fee is $4.57. That can add up to an unhappy surprise on your monthly bank statement. Banks are literally collecting money hand-over-fist for ATM and overdraft fees — about $42.3 billion a year, according to’s last survey.

It’s your money, so why should someone charge you for a withdrawal? With CHROME, there is NEVER a service fee for using any of the 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs — no matter where it’s located. So, spend that money on something else. Something important. Something frivolous. Something FUN like tickets to the movies, a concert or big game. Add it to the kids’ college fund or your retirement. Treat your work buddies to a round. Spend it ANY. WAY. YOU. WANT.

Just consider it part of our quest to wow you with services and products designed to make personal banking simpler. Enjoy and CHROME on.

Got Big Ideas for Your Small Business?

Make ‘em grow with our SBA loans.

How many times have you heard “no” when you asked if a bank or credit union offers small business association (SBA) loans? Probably more than once. Many lenders in Pennsylvania don’t even offer them. Others don’t give SBAs to startups. They only lend to businesses that can demonstrate they already have a steady cash flow! That’s bad news for passionate entrepreneurs with big dreams.

At CHROME, we’re the “yes” team. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or are five years into your business plan. We’re ready to put smart money on you because we love to see our neighbors succeed. And success starts with finding the right partner to jump-start or expand your dream. Here are three things to consider when you’re applying for a small-business loan:

Is the lender pro small-business?

More importantly, are they really invested in helping small businesses succeed? Some banks reserve their four-star service for established businesses with big balance sheets, while short-changing small-businesses owners on time, attention, favorable interest rates and easy payment terms.

Your business isn’t small to us. We’re honored to help our neighbors grow in all kinds of financial ways! And that includes empowering your business dreams. We know small business is the heart of our community. Whether you want to open a craft brewery or yoga studio, have a cool idea for a new app or aim to wow diners with a locavore menu, CHROME has a small-business loan that’s right for you.

How long does the approval process take?

Timing is everything in business, right? You don’t want to be on the slow train when you’re trying to kick-start a dream or take advantage of a great opportunity. We understand the need for speed — that’s why we make securing a small-business loan simple and easy. When you apply for an SBA loan at CHROME, the entire process takes 60 days from start to finish. Just 60 days, not the three or four months required by other lenders. Think about it. You can apply for your SBA loan today, and have money in your account in just 60 days.

Does your lender have a small-business specialist?

Starting and expanding a new business is exciting — but sometimes it may seem scary. You’ll have questions, probably lots of them. Being able to easily connect with someone who can answer them is important. At CHROME, we’re here to offer moral support and know-how whenever you need it. Set up a time to talk with Bruce Goodman, our vice president of Small-Business Banking. With 20 years of small-business experience, Bruce is a great sounding board, advisor and champion. He’s here to listen and help you in any way he can — at no charge. Call him at 724.228.2030, ext. 821.

Got big ideas for your small business? We’ll help you make ‘em grow.

A Smarter Way to Pay for College

Wish you could find an affordable student loan that makes you say WOW, not WHOA? We can help.

At CHROME, we understand just how stressful financing your education and future can be. That’s why we offer a student loan that lets you focus on the important stuff — poring over your books, not reams of scary fine print asking you to sign your life away.

We’ve partnered with CU Student Choice to offer simple, straightforward loans with easy-to-understand terms and lower rates. Best of all, you can use your loans to pay for tuition at more than 2,000 participating four-year public and private non-profit schools across the country.

Filling the gap. Even with scholarships, grants and federal aid, many students still have to come up with additional funds. With CHROME, you don’t have to worry about where that money will come from, or if you can afford to finish your degree.

Get a great, low interest rate. CHROME offers some of the most competitive rates available. With a FICO credit score over 660, you can get a rate that won’t break your budget. Plus, when you sign up for automatic electronic payments, you’ll receive an additional .25% rate discount. Additionally, interest can be deferred for up to 60 months.

Money for this semester or next year. With a line of credit (up to $75,000) available, you only have to apply for your student loan once. Then you can tap into it whenever you need to pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other approved expenses. The funds can even be sent directly to your school.

You don’t need a co-borrower. Our student loans are all about YOU. Unlike many other student providers, CHROME doesn’t require your mom or dad, wealthy grandma, rich uncle or other co-signer to guarantee your loan.

Flexible payment options. Once you’re out in the great big world pursuing your career dreams, CHROME makes it easy to manage your monthly budget and begin repaying your student loan. We offer flexible payment options, including straight repayment over a period of time or graduated payments, depending on the loan balance. And there’s no prepayment penalty for early payoff!

Want to know more? Get schooled on all the details.

CHROME24: You-Centric Banking Designed for Your Busy Life

You probably don’t have the luxury of being egocentric. In fact, you’re probably more like the strong, sturdy, selfless you-know-who in The Giving Tree — tending to a lot of other people’s wants/needs/demands before taking care of your own. That’s why 24 hours in a day sometimes isn’t enough to knock out everything on your to-do list. Like physically going to the bank across town from where you live. Or squeezing in a trip to the bank drive-through between your kids’ soccer game and piano practice. Or using your lunch break to go to the bank.

While the giving tree ends up a whittled-down stump trying to take care of the boy, you shouldn’t have to skip lunch or be stressed trying to take care of your personal banking. You’re the reason we invented CHROME 24.

Digital Banking Made Easy

You’re busy; we get it. So let us make your day, or night, a little easier. With CHROME 24, you can check your balance, pay bills, schedule transactions, move funds, apply for a loan, open a new account and deposit checks from your mobile device or computer — anytime, anywhere. Personal banking is literally at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Of course, if you still want to visit us in person, we’d love to see you. Stop by one of our locations for a cup of coffee and tell us what we can do for you.

We’ll Show You the Ropes

Maybe you’re not completely confident with digital banking or aren’t familiar with our mobile app. No worries. Come in for a friendly, no-pressure tutorial on CHROME 24.

“Our stores are designed for conversation,” says Christopher George, CHROME’s president and chief executive officer. “They don’t look like other banks. You won’t find teller lines; we have a transaction bar instead. Step up and we’ll help you become comfortable with mobile and online banking. We’ll actually teach you how to not come into our stores.”

You’ll always find someone eager to help you.

“We truly care about people and have a singular focus on serving our customers,” says one CHROME team member.

“Just talking to customers, answering their questions as best as I can is really rewarding,” adds another.

With CHROME 24, you can finally enjoy the “you-centric” care and service you deserve.

Ready to get clicking? Start here.

CHROMEism #24: Make WOW Your Career Goal

When you spend nearly one-third of your life working, shouldn’t it be spent doing something you like? At CHROME, we’re out to revolutionize personal banking. Everything we do is done with one purpose in mind — to “wow” our customers with experiences that make their day a little bit easier, happier.  

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