CHROME App of the Month - TrueCar

TrueCar App

What do you hate about buying a car? Our guess is that it is not deciding if you want Moonlight Silver or Black Sapphire paint. It is trying to figure out the price you should be paying and negotiating against someone that can sell ice to an Eskimo. Rest easy, the TrueCar mobile app eliminates that anxiety.

Why you will love it

The service is free!

The app does much more. Found your new car? Scan the sticker and get an upfront price from certified dealers. Need help? TrueCar offers phone support whether you have a question or need a pep talk.

Want to make your experience even easier? Get a pre-approval from CHROME. You can walk right into 250+ local CHROME Drive dealers and drive and sign the same day. Low rates. No hassles.

Check it out today!