Why We're Suckers For Wow

Sometimes — especially with everything going on in the world — it’s easy to forget that humanity has survived for eons because we’ve always found ways to pull together. Community is our glue. It has carried us through good times and bad. Together, we are always stronger.


When people work together and build on small kindnesses, “wow” moments happen. Good energy pushes out sadness, worry, stress and zillion other ills. We’ve seen it happen—lots. Not long ago, we were touched when a CHROME member told us about her neighbors.     


“The woman said she was very grateful for the young family that lived next door,” says Melissa, who spearheads CHROME Care. “The husband was serving in the military overseas, while his wife was caring for their young son alone. She said she really appreciated the sacrifice that the whole family was making while he was deployed.”


Melissa’s reaction was understandable.


“I asked her, ‘What can we do for this family? They’ve done enough for us, so let’s return the favor.’ She told me their five-year-old son used to FaceTime his dad, but their iPad broke and they couldn’t afford another one. It would really mean a lot if we could replace their iPad.”


Melissa shared the story with CHROME’s leadership team and got the funds to buy a new iPad. That afternoon she sent it to the little boy.


“He sent me a great card and picture saying, ‘Thank you so much. I get to talk to my dad now.’ I literally broke down in tears,” she says.  


The experience wowed Melissa just as much as it did the little boy and his mom.


“I came from big banking and it was all about the numbers,” she says. “I’m not a numbers person, I’m a people person, so this is a great fit for me—getting to help people every day, whether it’s financing a mortgage, helping someone download our mobile app or just listening.”


Or help keep a little boy and his dad close even though they’re half a world away from each other. Wow is pretty wonderful.