Meet Amy & Chris

Meet Amy, CHROME rep

Amy Lindstrom has been a valued part of Pittsburgh Central's team since August 2012 and continues to be a familiar face for our members. Amy came to Pittsburgh Central after formerly working in a law firm and in an animal care facility. During her time at Pittsburgh Central she has risen to the head teller position and has displayed leadership and interest in continually bettering herself in her position.

Of all the interactions that she has had with members over the years, most meaningful was receiving a thank you card in the mail only a few days after assisting one of our members.

She is very excited about the merger with Chrome and is most looking forward to being able to present new and evolving technology to our members along with new services and financial products.

Courtney, Chris and Amy welcoming customers to the new Wexford CHROME location.

Courtney, Chris and Amy welcoming customers to the new Wexford CHROME location.

Meet Chris, CHROME rep

Chris Berie is relatively new to the banking world.  Until he came to PCFCU (one year ago), his only experience with banking was way back in 2000 working as a teller for Bell Federal Savings in downtown Sewickley.  Between that time and now, his experience was in hospitality with Marriott International which is where he learned a great deal about customer service.  

"We liked to say that our business was creating a “home away from home” for our guests and I learned exactly what that meant and how to put it into action.  At Marriott we lived by the idea of going above and beyond and it’s refreshing to see that kind of customer focus within a banking atmosphere as well.  Of all the changes expected to take place eventually, for me the most engaging aspect of this merger is the introduction of a model of service that prioritizes the experience of our customers."

We asked Chris about his favorite memory at the credit union: " Gloria, one of our regular members, recently lost her husband and has been on the move trying to get all of his accounts settled.  At the same time, she’s been working at having a home remodeled, so clearly she’s been feeling a lot of stress.  When Gloria came in recently, Amy and I had the chance to provide the emotional support that she needed at that moment.  As she was talking about a dream that she’d had of her husband, Gloria started tearing up and Amy and I walked around the desk to give her a hug.  It cost absolutely nothing but it had such a powerful impact on all of us."

Chris is excited to bring his customer service expertise to CHROME and is looking forward to getting to know customers and the rest of the team alike!