Infographic: Breadwinner Moms Statistics

We always knew moms are awesome! Growing trends show that many moms are also the breadwinner of their family. Women now make up more than 50% of all recent graduates and 4 out of 10 go on to become the primary provider in their family. Between balancing kids, work, family and friends, and taking care of yourself, you're basically a superstar!

Breadwinner Moms Statistics

Here are some breadwinner moms statistics...

  • 29% of partnered working moms earn more than their spouses
  • Women now make up 53% of all recent college graduates
    • 47% of medical students
    • 47% of law school students
    • 31% of MBA program students
  • 29% of breadwinning moms who made the conscious decision to be the earner of the family say they are more ambitious than their husbands
  • 70% of breadwinning moms say they're are not just working for the money
  • 61% of are satisfied with their compensation
  • 50% of moms are satisfied with how much time they have to take care of themselves
  • 47% are satisfied with how much time they have for their family and their financial stability