Got Big Ideas for Your Small Business?

Make ‘em grow with our SBA loans.

How many times have you heard “no” when you asked if a bank or credit union offers small business association (SBA) loans? Probably more than once. Many lenders in Pennsylvania don’t even offer them. Others don’t give SBAs to startups. They only lend to businesses that can demonstrate they already have a steady cash flow! That’s bad news for passionate entrepreneurs with big dreams.

At CHROME, we’re the “yes” team. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or are five years into your business plan. We’re ready to put smart money on you because we love to see our neighbors succeed. And success starts with finding the right partner to jump-start or expand your dream. Here are three things to consider when you’re applying for a small-business loan:

Is the lender pro small-business?

More importantly, are they really invested in helping small businesses succeed? Some banks reserve their four-star service for established businesses with big balance sheets, while short-changing small-businesses owners on time, attention, favorable interest rates and easy payment terms.

Your business isn’t small to us. We’re honored to help our neighbors grow in all kinds of financial ways! And that includes empowering your business dreams. We know small business is the heart of our community. Whether you want to open a craft brewery or yoga studio, have a cool idea for a new app or aim to wow diners with a locavore menu, CHROME has a small-business loan that’s right for you.

How long does the approval process take?

Timing is everything in business, right? You don’t want to be on the slow train when you’re trying to kick-start a dream or take advantage of a great opportunity. We understand the need for speed — that’s why we make securing a small-business loan simple and easy. When you apply for an SBA loan at CHROME, the entire process takes 60 days from start to finish. Just 60 days, not the three or four months required by other lenders. Think about it. You can apply for your SBA loan today, and have money in your account in just 60 days.

Does your lender have a small-business specialist?

Starting and expanding a new business is exciting — but sometimes it may seem scary. You’ll have questions, probably lots of them. Being able to easily connect with someone who can answer them is important. At CHROME, we’re here to offer moral support and know-how whenever you need it. Set up a time to talk with Bruce Goodman, our vice president of Small-Business Banking. With 20 years of small-business experience, Bruce is a great sounding board, advisor and champion. He’s here to listen and help you in any way he can — at no charge. Call him at 724.228.2030, ext. 821.

Got big ideas for your small business? We’ll help you make ‘em grow.