A Smarter Way to Pay for College

Wish you could find an affordable student loan that makes you say WOW, not WHOA? We can help.

At CHROME, we understand just how stressful financing your education and future can be. That’s why we offer a student loan that lets you focus on the important stuff — poring over your books, not reams of scary fine print asking you to sign your life away.

We’ve partnered with CU Student Choice to offer simple, straightforward loans with easy-to-understand terms and lower rates. Best of all, you can use your loans to pay for tuition at more than 2,000 participating four-year public and private non-profit schools across the country.

Filling the gap. Even with scholarships, grants and federal aid, many students still have to come up with additional funds. With CHROME, you don’t have to worry about where that money will come from, or if you can afford to finish your degree.

Get a great, low interest rate. CHROME offers some of the most competitive rates available. With a FICO credit score over 660, you can get a rate that won’t break your budget. Plus, when you sign up for automatic electronic payments, you’ll receive an additional .25% rate discount. Additionally, interest can be deferred for up to 60 months.

Money for this semester or next year. With a line of credit (up to $75,000) available, you only have to apply for your student loan once. Then you can tap into it whenever you need to pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other approved expenses. The funds can even be sent directly to your school.

You don’t need a co-borrower. Our student loans are all about YOU. Unlike many other student providers, CHROME doesn’t require your mom or dad, wealthy grandma, rich uncle or other co-signer to guarantee your loan.

Flexible payment options. Once you’re out in the great big world pursuing your career dreams, CHROME makes it easy to manage your monthly budget and begin repaying your student loan. We offer flexible payment options, including straight repayment over a period of time or graduated payments, depending on the loan balance. And there’s no prepayment penalty for early payoff!

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